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Your music will be added to our music rotation at the VIP level. Played Monday - Friday starting at 10 am (CST).

Your YouTube video on our website.

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Our Media Kit contains informaiton on our radio  shows and social media sites.


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Music People Of The World

 Attention singers, songwriters, musicians of all genres, record labels, and management companies. Airplay on ITNS radio and band interviews are always free of charge!  You can submit your music via the submission form located on the home page.  If you're looking for something special attention then don't hesitate to become a ITNS radio VIP today, just check out our promos. All VIP's are placed in consideration for our National and International Tours!

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Career development consultation to determine

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managers, etc.

We will create and/or maintain your Reverbnation,

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube or four sites

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A 30 second commercial played Monday-Friday in

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Presenting our newest promo yet: The Audio Clip Service!  Having trouble putting your songs on Reverbnation or other sites because you're using the free mode?  Want to give a sneak of your album without "giving it away"? Using state of the art recording equipment we will create a faded version of each song tailored to your needs for only $20 per song!  Order NOW!