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Ken Hatley is a renowned producer and executive in the music industry with more than 40 years of distribution and management experience; an accomplished musician, composer and runs one of the leading licensing and music clearance companies in the industry. An accomplished actor, voice over and music industry executive with international distribution and licensing. Ken has served on various executive positions with International Record and Film companies, including MAWA Film & Media, based out of Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg Germany. He was an independent Producer for PolyGram and Polydor Labels including Gitanes, (French) Mango, Island, Verve, PolyGram and others.

​A well respected and accomplished at Celebrity Management, Product Branding, Strategic Business Development on the International Front, and integrating products into distribution in International and National Markets. One of the leading in today’s Licensing for music in all media, History Channel, A& E, Biography, HBO, and others. Ken has and enjoys a long term with Lou Reda Productions, the leading Documentary Maker in America, and one of the main content suppliers for these channels.

He works and manages many major name celebrities, events, productions, network and broadcasts. He
Produced the MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon 25th Anniversary, the Music and Live Stage Performances of the National Telethon. Kenny had many major artists recording his work, including The 4 Tops, Richie Havens, Razzy Bailey, Charlie Daniels, Melanie and others. He produced and managed the late Actor David Caradine, represented Johnny & June Cash in some film projects, produced Anita Carter and the Carter Family.  

​Produced, composed and licensed music for many films, Cable & TV features. Ken Hatley has written and produced soundtracks for such major Directors as Robert Wise, George Romero, Ralph R Clemente, George Schlatter, Lou Reda many others. He formally began operations in the music and film industries in 1986 managing, producing and developing the creative careers and strategic affiliations of many international celebrities and record companies. Represented them in various areas, including commercial endorsements, nationally televised and live special events, sponsorships, general creative career development, merchandise and organizational endorsements as well as product placement through special markets distribution. Working with such international Fortune 500 corporations as Panasonic Technics, General Music and others.  He has produced and developed projects for History Channel, Biography Channel, A & E, Richie Havens, June Carter Cash, Willie Nelson, MDA, AAA, Disney,Universal, Nike,General Motors, and other Fortune 100 corporations. KHA Business Development with other companies and affiliates worldwide has included the Presidential Family and government of Indonesia, State Of Israel, Muscular Dystrophy Association, National Parks and Battlefields, Eastern National Parks, Children's Organ Transplant Association, International Travel Industry organizations such as AAA, PolyGram Records, MAWA Film & Media and many others. These include Broadcast and Film programs, music and Media projects.  Ken has produced, and composed soundtracks serving as SR Music Supervisor with Lou Reda Productions, negotiating all Synchronization Licenses with Publishers and Labels. These negotiations include major and independent Record Labels along with all Publishers that were involved. Lou Reda is one of the largest content providers for History, A & E, Biography and owner of the Military Channel. Lou Reda was one of the founders and Principles of History Channel, A & E , Biography also.

Affiliated with such notable companies as History Channel, Disney, A& E, Biography Channel, Lou Reda Films, Public Television Services, American Programming and Syndicators, Live Music Network TV, Mobile Stream IP TV services, Universal. Sony, Navarre and other major DVD, Broadcast, Programming and Film Distributors including software distributors such as, Cosmi Software Publishers, Hotel Guide, The Learning Company ,International Digital Holdings, Inc ( idg; NASDAQ) all major record labels, distributors, developers and organizations such as AAA.

​Ken developed the first Music DVD series, Rockthology and Produced it with Executive Producer Stephen Frohlicher. Ken and Stephen were the first to use the menus and submenus combining Live Performance, Concerts, Interviews, and Liner notes under the menus, Artists Influences, and personal preferences for instruments, strings sticks, amps, microphones, studios, Producers, and Engineers. This was the he first digital encyclopedia of Rock n Roll Live,. The span was from the Doors, Jimi Hendrix all the way through the latest artists of the mid 60’s through the end of the 90’s., including Strangler, Alice In Chains, Warrant, Rolling stones, and Jon Bon Jovi.