​​5 Songs...$125.00

Siana King

Vocalist of the Year

4 Songs...$100.00

    2016 Talent Search Winner

Covers or


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All ages may enter, however, minors must have written permission from a guardian.  One to five songs per contestant.  All songs will be judged

individually.  Judges consist of SWC, ITNS Radio and Catbone Records staff, sponsors and affiliates.  Winners of each category will be invited to perform with a live band at our Talent Search in front of record labels, booking agents and many other music industry professionals. Plus a recording contract to record a song written by winner and or Sam Watkins.  Winner will also receive a Mega Promo.  Check out the Advertise With Us section for  what a Mega Promo consists of.  The winner will also hold the title of  "2018 ITNS Radio Talent Search Winner" and perform in all of next years events.

 Good luck and See YOU In The Neon Spotlight!

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2 Songs...$50.00

The "Vocalist Of The Year" Contest is an online contest.  Winners of each category will get a chance to compete with a "live band" at our 2017 Talent Search.  They will perform in front of record labels, booking agents, and other music industry professionals!

Talent Search winners

will receive a recording contract and a Mega Promo (details on Advertise With Us Section). Winners will also be invited back to participate in the next years Talent Search.

All songs remain the property of the songwriter and will be used exclusively for the contest.