Sam Watkins Country is a Music Management Company supporting all genres of music equally.  Established in 2007, SWC was originally created to promote the music of Sam Watkins who began as a solo artist and eventually became Sam Watkins and Fate Train.  

Since then our company has grown to include Artists from Country, Rock, Hip Hop and many other types of music. We have our own radio show that we promote our own Artists as well as Artists from around the world.  We provide all the services an Artist needs, all he/she needs to do is write and perform, we do the rest:  Bookings, Public Relations, Website(s) and Social Media Sites (building, maintaining and promoting). For more information, or to be a Guest on ITNS Radio, email
Sam Watkins Country

Music Management Company


 In My Daughter’s Eyes By Daryl Bazinet AND
​  A New Way To Fly By Sam Watkins & Fate Train

Both PICTURES and SINGLES for only $3.00!