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"Faith, King and I feel very confident about recommending Sam and Tina Watkins as promoters for songwriters, musicians, and performing artists.

They are very honest, caring, and advocate for the artist.
I can tell you they are not just in it for the money. They genuinely want to see all of us succeed."  

-Joan Lewis

"Wow! I cannot express the words to thank you guys so much for this opportunity. I have even seen the sales on my iTunes account increase! Thanks again."

 -Andrew Compostions

I am definitely ready to do an interview with you. I had 150 "likes" on my Choices page, and now suddenly I have 460.

I was trying to figure out how that happened.  Then I remembered that you are advertising for me! Gosh, I really appreciate all you've done to help romote my book! [It's] definitely paying off!"

 -Nancy Byrne

"You guys are awesome. Sam, you are the best investment I made in music in a while! Thank you so much!"

-Sacha Lee

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Catbone Records
Catbone Records is a unique record label that has worked with legendary Artists such as Willie Nelson, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, James Cotton, Peter Frampton, Nanette Workman and many others.
Our Artist Roster includes Sam Watkins, Donna Sullivan Hatley, Jim Casey, Lester Chambers, 

Lee Morris, and Jackson Nickels, and many more!  Check out the "Catbone Records" link above and read more 

about us! Enter our "Talent Search 2017" by submitting your music on the form located on the "Vocalist of the Year Contest" page!
We are about the Music and the Art!

"The beat of the heart is the rhythm of the Blues, it's poetry in motion, rhyming with the truth" - Ken Hatley​​, Founder of Catbone Records

Fill out every field and follow the instructions. We support all genres of music around the world. Submissions that are not correctly formatted will not be accepted, and will need to be resubmitted in the correct format for consideration. Absolutely no inappropriate language or derogatory political material will be permitted.  No cover songs are allowed unless you have a music license giving you permission to use the song and us permission to play it. You must have the copyright for the music you submit. Artists retains all rights to their music and all royalties are handled by SoundExchange.  Your music will be reviewed and added to ITNS radio's Regular Rotation on Saturdays from Noon to 1 pm CST (rotation varies every Saturday).

DISCLAIMER:  The artists and businesses on this website are represented by their works only. Their personal, religious, and/or political views are not shared by and/or represented here or anywhere else that Sam Watkins Country or In The Neon Spotlight radio and/or associates post daily.


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Sam Watkins Country and ITNS Radio​​

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Established in 2007, Sam Watkins Country (SWC) was  created by

Sam Watkins with the help of his wife Tina Watkins to promote his

own musical dreams. Sam began his career as a solo artist and eventually formed the band "Sam Watkins and Fate Train". Since then the company has expanded to include the promotion of

musicians from all over the world and their respective genres. 

​Through In The Neon Spotlight (ITNS) we give our artists much

needed exposure and valuable radio promotions, which help 

them to attain a powerful social media presence. The radio show

was created “By Musicians For Musicians". SWC understands that music is your passion, and would like to help you foster that passion and influence countless others through your music! For

more information, or to be a guest on ITNS Radio, upload your music

via the submission form located at the top left of this page. You can

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the Music Submission Form. All of SWC's music and interviews are played on both radio show sites and on ITNS Radio's YouTube profile. 

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"The music world has found an angel and her name is Lori Hardman!  Songs like 'A Night On The Town' and River Of Blues' truly bring her vocal strength to fruition and shine like the light referenced in the song 'I Found An Angel'!  This album truly has what it takes and will leave you wanting more!!  I look forward to hearing more from this great lady in the very near future!!!  Three cheers for Lori Hardman!
- Sam Watkins, ITNS Radio Host

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The Company By Musicians and For Musicians