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Four months of promos for  a one time, one low price of

$100.00!  includes the following:

A radio interview custom-made to your needs and specifications (It will be recorded and archived for your advertising and promotional needs!)

A video or commercial on our radio website played at the beginning of each segment of at least 1000 episodes

A full page ad in our bi-monthly newsletter (with a distribution of over 50,000!)

A linked advertisement from our website to your website or social media site.

Promos on all our social media sites at least twice weekly: we can increase those "likes" on your Facebook page!

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We are a full service production & digital content management company with worldwide distribution. We can put you on the iTunes front page! We can produce your next music video and secure broadcast distribution worldwide as well. We are Solaris Entertainment and we are expanding our roster. We are now accepting new artists to become part of a winning tradition. Join artists like Paul Overstreet, Ronnie Dunn, Steve Dorff, Sim Balkey, Aaron Benward and Nashville Unplugged  just to name a few. Small start up cost is a one time data management fee and it is good for the entire life of our relationship.

Let us show you how to succeed in iTunes.
As mentioned above we have the ability to secure iTunes front page display space for our artists. Labels pay a great deal of money to occupy that real estate. We pay nothing and therefore charge our artists nothing. We do however charge every artist regardless of their stature a one-time data management fee. It includes all metadata prep, iTunes page maintenance, social media monitoring and execution, and an unlimited number of tracks we'll load over the course of our relationship without any additional fees, ever! Regardless of how you get into iTunes when using an aggregate like reverbnation, cd baby, or tunecore you pay a fee renewable every year for each track you load. Additionally, we can guarantee distribution whereas aggregates must submit for Apple's final approval. We already possess that authority.

Finally we pay the artist 92% of all royalties collected. When all elements of what we provide are weighed against any other, we win by a landslide.

For details contact us at
877-726-1792, #1000

​Radio and Music

​Sam Watkins Country supports all genres of music. 
Established in 2007, SWC was originally created to promote the music of Sam Watkins, who began his career as a solo artist and eventually formed the band Sam Watkins and Fate Train.

Since then, our company has grown to include the promotion of other musicians from many genres of music, including country, rock, and hip hop.

​ We have our own radio show (ITNS Radio) on which we promote our own artists as well as artists from around the world.  

​Your music is your passion, so let us help you make it heard!
For more information, or to be a guest on ITNS Radio, email